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Kosher hotel proposed across from Hard Rock casino in Hollywood

Kosher Hotel Proposed Across From Hard Rock Casino In Hollywood

A kosher hotel has been proposed across the street from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood.

Called the “Kosher House,” it would have a kosher restaurant and a synagogue space, in addition to automatic elevators that operate on the Sabbath so observant Jews do not need to push a button, developer Sharon Sharaby told the South Florida Business Journal.

“I can capture the Jewish audience, as well as people who are not Jewish who are looking for great service at a great price,” Sharaby said to the outlet.

He added that he would charge guests between $125 and $150 a night, which is significantly less than the Seminole Hard Rock directly westward of the property.

The City of Hollywood Technical Advisory Committee will hear the proposal for the six-story, 100-room hotel by the Shoppes of Hard Rock LLC, supervised by Sharaby. His firm has a 99-year lease with landlord Kaliff Corp. on the two-acre site, which currently has a McDonald’s restaurant that would stay after the hotel is constructed.

The hotel was designed by architect Joseph Kaller.

It will consist of 87,124 square feet of space and have 104 parking spots, which would take up the first couple floors, with guest rooms starting on the third floor. It will have a meat restaurant and pool on the rooftop. In accordance with kosher laws of not mixing meat and dairy, there would be none of the latter in the building.

Sharaby is currently looking for a hotel management company and does not seek to sign an agreement with a national label.

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