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As a residential developer backed by BSD Capital, Koosh Living benefits from a robust financial foundation and strategic guidance. BSD Capital’s commitment to innovation and sustainable investments aligns seamlessly with our vision of building communities for the people who live in them, providing the resources and support needed to bring our projects to fruition.

BSD Capital

BSD Capital is a commercial and residential real estate entrepreneurship company with offices located in the heart of Hollywood, Florida. Our strategy is to locate and purchase properties based on their value and potential return on investment. We work with the city to ensure we are always in compliance with regulations.

Tobin Properties

Louie Granteed at Tobin Properties has been the leasing agent for most of our projects over the course of many years. His experience combined with our knowledge helps to make Koosh Living and many of our other projects possible.


USA Construction Management

USA Construction management provides for real estate management and development solutions for commercial and residential properties in South Florida.

USA Construction Management

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